Hiring is required to fulfill seven conditions, hiring a sane adult capable employee within a specific period. The benefits should be specific, and the work itself should be lawful and managed by the hirer.

Conditions for hire

1-The hire must be undertaken by someone who is qualified to act, i.e. a sane free adult with sound judgement.

2-The benefit to be gained must be recognised, because it is the subject matter of the contract. As such, it is treated in the same way as sale, where the article sold must be known.

3-The remuneration must be known, because it is given in an exchange of things. Hence it is treated like the price in a sale transaction.

4-The benefit should be lawful. No hire is valid for something forbidden such as fornication or selling wines.

5-The benefit should be possible to realize. It is not permissible to hire someone to do what he cannot possibly do, such as hiring a blind man to do something that needs sight.

6-The benefit should be owned by the one offering it, or he should be permitted to give it. Hire is a sale of benefits and, as such, this condition applies.

7-The period of hire should be known. Hire for an unspecified period is not permissible because it leads to contention.