Zakat is due on Muslims only but some conditions are to be applied such as; being free, owning more than person’s need from money food and clothes, and in some cases the turn of a full lunar year on a person’s property.  

Conditions of Zakat

ConditionsZakat is a duty incumbent on those who meet the following conditions:

1-Islam: Zakat is not accepted from unbelievers in Islam, because it is a financial worship which brings a Muslim closer to Allah. No worship is acceptable from an unbeliever until he or she embraces Islam.

:Allah says

‘What prevents their Charity from being accepted from them is that they have disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger.’


2-Freedom: No zakat is taken from slaves.

3-True and settled ownership of the threshold of zakat in excess of a person’s necessities, such as food, clothes and residence.

4- The turn of a full lunar year after the ownership of the threshold of zakat.

:The Prophet  (peace be upon him) says

‘No zakat is due on any property until the turn of a year.’

Related by al-Tirmidhi, hadith No. 632; Ibn Majah, hadith No. 1,792; al-Bayhaqi in Al-Sunan al-Kubra, vol. 4, p. 173

This condition does not apply to agricultural produce, mineral resources or rikaz. With regard to agricultural produce,

 :Allah says

‘Eat of their fruit when they come to fruition, and give (to the poor) what is due to them on harvest day.’


Mineral resources and rikaz are gained from the ground, and as such the condition of the turn of the year does not apply to it.