Ghusl is recommended and a must in many cases as a refresher and a way to be purer. These cases include; before Friday prayer, Eid prayer, entering the state of consecration and after washing a deceased person. 

Recommended ghusl

Taking a bath is recommended in the following situations:

1-After every sexual intercourse. Abu Rafi' the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) servant, reported that one night the Prophet (peace be upon him) took a bath after being with one wife and another after being with another.

:I said

‘O Messenger of Allah, could you not have taken one bath? He said: This way is better, fresher and purer.’

Related by Ahmad, hadith No. 23,862; Abu Dawud, hadith No. 219; al-Nassa’i in Al-Sunan al-Kubra, hadith No. 8,986; Ibn Majah, hadith No. 590

2-Before Friday prayer, which is the most important of recommended cases of ghusl

:The Prophet (peace be upon him) said

‘When you go for Friday prayer, take a bath.’

Related by al-Bukhari, hadith No. 877

3-On the two Eid days.

4-Before entering into the state of consecration, i.e. ihram, for performing the pilgrimage or the umrah. It is confirmed that the Prophet (peace be upon him) took a bath when he was about to enter into consecration.

5-After washing a deceased person. 

:The Prophet (peace be upon him) said

‘Whoever washes a deceased person should take a bath.’

Related by Ahmad, hadith  No. 7,771; Ibn Majah, hadith  No. 1,463