It is permissible for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries to register birth and deaths certificates with the official authorities. Birth certificates are practically relied upon in proving parenthood. 

Registering Births in non-Muslim Registers

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The Issue

Children are born to Muslim families living in non-Muslim countries and the child’s birth is required to be documented in the official registers of these countries. What is the ruling concerning this?


There is no problem in registering births and the issuing of birth and death certificates by the authorized departments in any country. Indeed, this is required because it is of general benefit. Documentation has become a necessity, and it is impossible to have any official transaction without such documentation.


The permissibility of the registration of births and deaths with the official authorities should be considered in the same way as the registration of marriages and divorces. Fiqh councils and websites have discussed the question of documenting marriages and divorces in Western countries, but have not mentioned the question of registering births and deaths. Needless to say, the latter is as important and urgent as the registration of marriages and divorces, if not more so. The fact that such registration is needed and that there is nothing in Islam to prevent it is sufficient evidence of its permissibility.

A question may be asked whether such documents may be relied upon in proving parenthood. We have not found any clear statement by contemporary scholars concerning reliance on such documents. However, they are practically relied upon in confirming parenthood and the establishment of rights. We do not know of anyone who objects to this.


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