Zakat has numerous social effects. It erases zakat payer sins, purifies his heart from any greed and removes any traces of miserliness. It also spreads a spirit of mutual care and love within the Muslim community. 

Social effects of zakat

Zakat has very important objectives and yields numerous benefits, such as:

1-Blessing one’s money, purging it of stigma and protecting it against negative influences.

2-Removing traces of greed and miserliness from the heart of the zakat payer. It erases his sins and trains him to give generously for Allah’s cause.

3-Looking after the poor and the needy and helping the deprived.

4-Spreading an atmosphere of mutual love and care within the Muslim community.

5-Giving thanks to Allah for giving us more than we need for our living.

6-It is a demonstration of true belief in Allah.

7-It earns Allah’s pleasure and leads to bestowing more of Allah’s grace and blessings.