Animal slaughter

Animal slaughter

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Slaughter should be in accordance with the way recommended by Islam, it is obligatory, if not, it is not permitted to eat that animal. Scholars unanimously agree on this.

Animal slaughter

Slaughter should be in accordance with the way recommended by Islam, which is to cut the throat and oesophagus of the animal that is under control, or to stab an animal that cannot be controlled.[1]

Slaughter may be in one of three ways: 

1) to cut the throat of the animal under certain conditions.

2) to cut the lowest part of the neck, which is the recommended way of slaughtering a camel. 

3) inflicting a wound in any other part of the animal’s body, as in hunting or killing uncontrolled animals. 

Rafi ibn Khadij reported: ‘A camel went wild, but a man hit him with an arrow which restricted his movement. 

:The Prophet (peace be upon him) said

‘Some of these domestic animals run wild like beasts. If any of yours gets wild, do the same as you have seen.’

Related by al-Bukhari, hadith No. 5,509; Muslim, hadith No. 1,968. .

To slaughter an animal under control in the proper way is obligatory, without it the animal is not permissible to eat. There are no differing views over this matter among scholars because what is not properly slaughtered is considered carrion, and it is forbidden to eat carrion, apart from fish, water animals, and locusts.


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